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Theu Fa’a is a sought-after speaker, author, trainer, and personal coach with a lifetime of experience as an owner, CEO, and manager of international businesses.

Theu was born in Austria, Europe, studied law in German and French, and has lived in Austria, France, New Zealand, and Peru. Currently, he is based on his lifestyle property in Quebec, Canada.

For over thirty years, he has committed to empowering people, helping them find happiness, and expanding their potential for personal and spiritual growth.

Theu Fa’a has studied and practiced ancient wisdom teachings and the discoveries of contemporary science. He has guided countless meditation meetings and taken people on mystical trips to spiritual places around the globe.

Theu’s coaching clients appreciate his intuitive words and compelling methods that have proven effective in their lives. Whether you need his expertise in English, German, French, or Spanish, Theu can help you turn your dreams into reality!

To consult with Theu Fa’a one-on-one, book your appointment at

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