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Being healthy starts with a DECISION


Many people who are sick think that their doctor has to fix their body for them, or they can get back to normal by swallowing a product that someone prescribes or recommends. Today there is plenty of evidence that the way we feel, think and behave day after day is the major cause for everything that happens to our body. Once or organism is in trouble, of course in many cases we need to seek help from a health professional or use certain products. But the relief will be temporary, if we do not detect the root cause of our health issue. The following reflection is valid for anyone, whether you are religious or not: Even Jesus who had the power to heal people, did not say to them "Just watch me, I will fix this for you!". He said: “Your faith has healed you”. Something needs to happen inside of us in order to trigger the wisdom or our cells, which are programmed to constantly heal our organism and keep it in balance. Healing starts with a decision that you really want to live. You want to heal. You want to be well. And from that moment onward, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen.


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